What prospective students are saying

“I want a different position, I am tired of waiting and feel trapped, how can I move from my clinical role into marketing, without stopping my current job?” – Medical Liaison, Biotech

“Can someone teach me how it all fits together, so when I speak to my customers I have more insights on what they really need, want and why?” – National Payer Accounts Manager, Pharma

“How can I better understand International coverage and reimbursements systems, when we try to plan future product introductions I feel lost?” – Sr. Manager, Marketing Pharma

“I can’t fall behind my staff, how do I quickly upgrade my business and analysis skills to finally understand everything that is being presented?” Assoc. – Medical Director, Managed Care

“Learning from reading and studying alone is not cutting it, I need to hear how it really works from people who are actually doing the job every day.” – Pharmacy P&T Team, Health System

What employers are saying

“We need people with practical experience and understanding, who can present complex information to our business and employer customers clearly and simply.” – VP of Clinical Affairs, MCO

“Our team needs someone to oversee how we plan and execute our value and outcomes messages, across markets without wasting time & money.” – Pharma Sr. Director Global Development, Pharma

“Our business is still growing and very competitive, I need someone who can do it all, from pricing, to access to reimbursement, across Payer types.” – Sr. VP of Marketing, Devices

“The Affordable Care Act and payment rules keep changing, I need someone who can connect the dots between our business people and clinical staff.” – Sr. VP of Marketing, Devices

“We need smart people who can hit the ground running, who can understand our competitors and what they are doing, and then coordinate a plan to win.” – VP of Payer Marketing, Biotech