Career Advancement


What opportunities will be available specifically for you?

The HCDA training allows healthcare professionals to gain the technical and business skills to enter into healthcare systems as a Medical or Pharmacy Director for commercial managed care along with Medicare and Medicaid health plans (HMO, PPO, indemnity, PBM), integrated health systems and accountable care organizations (ACO), the pharmaceutical, biotech, and devices industries, as well as clinical trials and quality oversight. The program develops the critical skills for all students, both healthcare professional and non-healthcare professional to lead global value and payer teams in sales and marketing, global product development teams including pricing, access, and reimbursement, in-licensing and strategic partnerships, medical writing and medical information leads, along with global health economics research and study design focusing on value and outcomes.


In addition, HCDA program graduates will be able to enter the job market at a much higher level of responsibility, often gaining the equivalent of 10 years of on-the-job work experience and tactical skill development. Working professionals and current business and product managers will be able to accelerate their careers to a more strategic director level and above. All graduates will uniquely gain the technical skills and insights required for advancement into new and emerging levels of leadership responsibility as payers place a far greater emphasis on value, data validation, and patient outcomes.