What is pre-qualifying for admission?

Pre-qualifying provides prospective students with an unofficial admission decision before formally applying to USC.

Why should I complete a pre-qualification form?

By spending just 5 minutes, you will:

  • Reduce uncertainty and time waiting for admission decision
  • Save time and money ordering transcripts and completing the official application process (if currently under-qualified)
  • Streamline application process and receive our one-on-one guidance through USC Graduate Admission

What happens after I submit a pre-qualification form?

Program officials will:

  • Review your submitted credentials and determine if you are currently qualified for admission into the program
  • Notify youwithin two (2) business days—of the program’s decision
  • Guide you through remaining steps for USC Graduate Admission

If you wish to update any information, you may resubmit a new pre-qualification form at any time.