Healthcare Decision Analysis

Biopharmaceuticals | Consulting | Health Insurance


The Master of Science in Healthcare Decision Analysis program offers the opportunity for individuals to focus in core concentrations, preparing them for the increasingly specialized global healthcare industry

Biopharmaceutical Marketing | Optimize product branding, value messaging, and strategic communication to key stakeholders

Competitive Intelligence | Acquire strategic analytical tools and apply an integrated, systematic approach to competitive intelligence gathering

Decision Analysis | Produce decision-analytic models and impactful evidence to evaluate resource allocation trade-offs, demonstrate economic value, and assess the impact of novel medical interventions

Managed Care | Commercial insurance tools including actuarial pricing, formulary design, utilization management, and new reimbursement models impacting coverage decisions

Pricing | Solve complex pricing challenges and value determinations for new and mature products across market and payer types

Value & Access Develop reimbursement strategies and value dossiers to support health technology assessments, global product launches, and market penetration