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US Among the Top Nations for Healthy Aging in New Global Aging Index
USC and Columbia University researchers create a tool that gauges the health and well-being of aging populations. More

Physicians Paid Nearly the Same Under Medicare Advantage, Traditional Medicare Programs

Although many Americans are enrolled in Medicare Advantage — the private version of Medicare — little was known about its physician reimbursement rates. USC researchers compared physician reimbursement by Medicare Advantage plans to traditional Medicare rates. More

Look for Savings in Drug Distribution Chain, Researchers Urge
More than 140 people attended the DC forum hosted by the Schaeffer Initiative. More

Trans Fat Bans Linked to Reduction in Heart Attack and Stroke
A new study found New York counties that implemented restrictions on trans fats experienced a 6.2 percent decline in hospital admissions for heart attack and stroke compared to counties without restrictions in place. More

Schaeffer Center Panel Divides Over Prospect of Medicare Drug Price Negotiation
The tradeoff between the need for innovation versus affordable access to drugs is increasing in the U.S. political debate on pharmaceutical pricing. More

Pharmacists with Greater Role Curtail Repeat Hospital Visits

Amid state and federal discussions to address doctor shortages, a USC-led study is part of a growing body of research indicating that an expansion of pharmacists’ roles is a potential solution. More

Healthcare Delivery Costs Increasing Faster than Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement

Healthcare Decision Analysis associate program director quoted by Becker’s Hospital Review regarding the Mayo Clinic’s private insurance prioritization policy. More

Valuing Cures Still Elusive According to Policymakers, Experts at DC Conference
Experts discussed the tension of ensuring access while incentivizing cures at the event. More

Privatized Version of Medicare Saves More Money than Traditional Fee-For-Service

Medicare Advantage costs less and improves patient outcomes, according to a USC-led study. More