5-Minute Admissions Decision

What is a Pre-Application?

The Pre-Application is intended to provide prospective applicants with an unofficial admission decision before formally applying to the university.

Why should I fill out a Pre-Application?

By spending just 5 minutes of your time filling out a pre-app, you will:

  • Reduce stress by cutting the time and uncertainty waiting for a decision
  • Save the time and expense of submitting an official application and transcripts if not accepted
  • Gain more time, once deemed qualified for admission, to prepare and plan the logistics if you were to attend USC
  • Reassess options and apply elsewhere if not accepted
  • No pressure to formally apply to the university if qualified for program admission
  • You do not have to fill out every entry field on the form, but the more information you can provide the better

What happens after I submit a Pre-Application?

Upon receipt of a completed Pre-Application form, program officials will review the applicant’s credentials and determine if they are currently qualified for admission into the program. Applicants will receive the program’s decision within two (2) business days. If the applicant wishes to update any information provided, they may resubmit a new pre-application form at any time.


Thank you for your interest in the USC Healthcare Decision Analysis Program. We look forward to receiving your application!