Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Decision Analysis

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Decision Analysis (HCDA) is a 12-unit interdisciplinary graduate program designed to produce healthcare professionals directly prepared for business careers in the complex world of value-based healthcare, global market access & reimbursement, product pricing, insurance operations & design and competitive business intelligence.

The program is oriented to those seeking to gain practical tools, strategic insights, and a fundamental working proficiency in the emerging field of healthcare decision analysis without completing the full Master of Science program.

The certificate program is structured to easily integrate individual HCDA courses with other graduate programs, while also meeting the needs of full-time working students:

  • Each course is scheduled and delivered over two (2) weekends per semester plus assigned independent study and projects using adult education principles
  • Individual students are allowed to progress at their own pace, while building their base of knowledge from the material presented within each course, without pre-requisites or a required sequence
  • Most students should be able to complete the certificate program requirements in as few as two semesters

Certificate Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Decision Analysis requires completion of 12 units including two required courses (HCDA 506 & 507) and two electives with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for all units applied to the certificate.

Core Courses (Required)
  • HCDA 506 Foundations of Insurance and Global Access (3 units)
  • HCDA 507 Foundations of Product Development and Commercialization (3 units)
Electives Courses (Choose 2)
  • HCDA 501 Fundamentals of Healthcare Insurance Design (3 units)
  • HCDA 502 Comparative International Healthcare Systems (3 units)
  • HCDA 503 Competitive Healthcare Intelligence and Pricing (3 units)
  • HCDA 510 Business Implications of Healthcare Reform (3 units)
  • HCDA 515 Medical Decision Analysis and Modeling (3 units)
  • HCDA 520 Health Economics and Outcomes Methodology (3 units)
  • HCDA 525 Healthcare Literature Analysis & Applications (3 units)
  • HCDA 530 Total Product Development (3 units)
  • HCDA 540 Executive Leadership and Healthcare Marketing (3 units)
  • HCDA 550 Healthcare Innovation: Creativity to Value (3 units)
  • HCDA 553 Advanced Pricing Strategies (3 units)
  • HCDA 560 Managing Effective Partnerships and Mergers (3 units)
  • HCDA 570 Asia-Pacific: Access, Delivery, and Reimbursement (3 units)

Note: Students may wish to customize their selection of electives to target concentrations based on individual preference

Admission Requirements

Applicants may apply to the HCDA Graduate Certificate program on a rolling-admissions basis and begin the program in any semester (fall, spring, or summer).

To qualify for admission to the program:

  • Earned bachelor’s degree with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Two years of full-time work experience is preferred
  • Past work experience will be considered for each applicant
  • No GMAT/GRE required