Who Should Apply

USC Healthcare Decision Analysis degree focusing on pharmaceutical value, access, reimbursement, and pricing

What type of individual would gain the greatest value from an advanced degree from USC in Healthcare Decision Analysis (HCDA)?

The HCDA program seeks highly qualified and motivated candidates from across several related backgrounds reflecting the intersection of the three major disciplines included in the program.

  • Medical and Pharmacy professionals from: Pharma, payers, health systems, group practices, employers, hospitals, CROs or equivalent professional credentialing, education, and training
  • Applied Economics and Research Personnel from: Pharma/Biotech, payers, pharmacoeconomics and outcomes researchers, clinical trials with relevant undergraduate or graduate training, and experience in healthcare research and sciences
  • Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Business Intelligence, Pricing and Reimbursement from: Pharma/Biotech, DME and devices, sales and marketing, global product leads, and consulting with appropriate undergraduate education in related sciences and at least 5-10 years related experience in the healthcare industry

The above listing is only intended to help guide potential students in finding the right match. However, we realize that as healthcare reform evolves nationally, along with the rapid international expansion of product development and covered services, and the explosive growth of outsourcing and extended partnership, students from additional various backgrounds may benefit greatly from the HCDA program.